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“Laure incarnates the emotions of the first falling in love, to the widowhood of the end, going through all the nuances that apply to happiness”

“She shone with interpretive warmth, moving the audience to a point where it stopped breathing”

Love and life of women

This  program opens with music from the Love and Life of a Woman cycle which beautifully illustrates the love story of a woman for her husband, ranging from the ecstasy of the first encounter through the joys of motherhood all the way to the deep pain and resignation to his death. Composed in 1840, the year of the marriage between Robert and Clara, this cycle of songs is one of the composer's great offerings to his beloved. But this exalted love was also a source of inspiration for Clara Schumann, who herself dedicated several songs to her husband. The program continues by exploring the songs of their protégé, Johannes Brahms and of Clara's great friend, the singer Pauline Viardot, making a detour through contemporary music in the same line of exhilaration  about love by the composer Teresa Catalan.

Heaven's Light

This program of Christmas songs is thought as  a walk together with Mary as she goes through the different stages of her becoming and being the Mother of Christ,  from the Annunciation to the difficult journey on a donkey's back, through her marveling at her power to nurse the Creator, with detours through lullabies and Nativity scenes brimming with life and joy.