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ABOUT Pauline Viardot: Inspired

This project, a CD which was released July 1st 2022 by Centaur Records and a series of recitals of the CD's music, celebrates an amazing French Spanish woman composer and singer from the 19th century, Pauline Viardot, as well as composers who were inspired by her vocal and compositional genius. Although she was a muse, mentor and hostess to all the great names of the French romantic music and arts, she is not a household name, and we think she needs to regain her rightful place as a woman composer and powerful influencer. 

Many of these are rarely performed and the cycle of songs 'Seis Melodías' by Ruperto Chapí, has never been recorded before.

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Pauline Inspired excerpts
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Alberto and I with Sandra Mamboury, Pauline Viardot's great-great-granddaughter


“For me, as a pianist, Pauline Viardot’s music was a wonderful discovery. Her arrangements of Chopin’s Mazurkas for voice and piano are something that every Chopin’s enthusiast should hear. I was fortunate to be introduced to these gems by Laure de Marcellus and Alberto Urroz, two wonderful musicians who transported me with their music to the romantic salons of the 19th century France with great emotional intensity and technical competency of the highest level."

Dr. Radmila Stojanovic Kiriluk, pianist

‘’At the European Piano Teachers Association International Conference mezzo-soprano Laure de Marcellus and pianist Alberto Urroz gave performances of the seldom-heard music of Pauline Viardot García that were both exhilarating and intimate, reminding me of the importance of the shared experience of live performance. I hope this duo continues to delight audiences with the sensuous music of Viardot García."

Prof. Shannon Wettstein, pianist

Peek inside the recording process:

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